• Mobile

    Injecting rogue code into stock Android ROMs

    As part of a recent mobile security project, I have been looking at ways to add or change core functionality within Android phones given two strict requirements: first of all, any changes have to be traceless or otherwise minimally invasive, and secondly, the changes should be compatible with as many devices and vendors as possible….

  • Programming

    At last, a useful phone service for hackers!

    Imagine the following, all too often occurring scenario: you are in the supermarket, and suddenly you feel the urge to convert the price of that loaf of bread to hexadecimal. But how are you going to do that with just your dumbphone? Easy! It all started with finding a service that offers a cheap SIP…

  • Reverse Engineering

    Old school EPROM firmware dumping

    A few years ago, I managed to get hold of something I only barely knew as a Wersi MK1, an extremely rare West-German synth from 1986. The MK1 faded into obscurity due to its notoriously difficult interface, bad marketing and manufacturer bankruptcies. But in fact, it was one of the first incredibly well engineered digital…

  • Hardware

    Quick ‘n dirty 2 minute PCI-Express PCB

    For those of you who would like to see some simple PCB design in action, read on! I did a quick $5.00 PCB design job yesterday for a hardware project I am currently working on, and made a quick timelapse video for whoever’s interested in seeing how the design process in Cadence Allegro works. Since I’m a…

  • Hardware

    Extreme phase shifting 101

    As part of a high-tech hardware project I have been working on I have lately been diving into the area of clock signals. Now books have been written on the subject of clocks, clock distribution, clock skew, clock gating, and much more things involving the word ‘clock’, but my specific problem was a little unusual….

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